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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Written by Reilly Scott

The election for the CSA Board of Directors will be held from October 6-10th. The board is the highest governing body of the CSA, and as such, oversees all affairs of our student government. They make key decisions that affect the students such as issues pertaining to budget issues, the creation and maintenance of clubs and the long-term vision and direction of the CSA.

Students in CBS, CPES, and CSAHS are eligible to vote and should get emails in their GryphMail inbox with instructions on how to do so. The voting process is very fast and efficient. There will be polling stations equipped with laptops in the UC, the library as well as in MacKinnon.

So, without further adieu, here they are... your candidates!

Molly McManus: College - CSAHS

I am running for the CSAHS At-Large seat on the CSA Board of Directors because I strongly believe I would be a positive force in increasing accountability and promoting greater visibility of your CSA on campus. As a first year Sociology student I would bring a fresh perspective to the CSA discussions and deliberations. My initial goals would be to ensure that all students continue to benefit from the diverse spectrum of CSA services and that more students get involved in campus life and community activities through the CSA. If elected, I would be open to your ideas, comments, suggestions, and concerns to help shape the future of your CSA.

In addition to an extensive (healthy) addiction to community service and advocacy, I have prior experience on a student-run Board of Directors. In that capacity, I worked hard to keep the Board on track and focused on the issues of concern to our constituents despite considerable odds. My dedication, leadership, energy and experience will result in fair representation of the CSAHS on the CSA Board. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. Please vote!

Karim Salah: College - CPES

My name is Karim Saleh and I am in my second year of environmental engineering. I am running for the position of CPES Representative on the CSA Board and my platform includes upholding and achieving the following duties and goals:

Acting as the primary source of communication between students under the College of Physical Engineering Science and the CSA

Informing all of you about the events being held by the CSA and closely working with you to deliver any concerns you might have to the Board

I have had the opportunity to be involved in working to improve student programs campus wide as a summer student for the Sustainability Office:

I was able to manage and improve campus initiatives such as the promotion for the Move-In-Madness Free Furniture Giveaway that took place on September 4th

I compiled a report from a recycling pilot project that took place in Lennox/Addington, which has now planted the seeds for another pilot project in South Residence

My goal is to not only serve as source of communication for students, but also suggest improvements to current programs by taking into consideration the needs of the campus body from your personal feedback.

Zafir Syed: College - CPES

Yeao, I'm Zafir Syed, and I'm repping for CPES as part of the CSA Board of Directors. I am a FROSH in Environmental Engineering, and I stoutly believe that our college body needs someone as diverse as they are to fittingly represent them. Yes, I'm a first year. Yes, that usually has a negative connotation attached to it, but I believe it’s quite the contrary. As a first year, I have the dedication, passion and vigor needed to reason and work with others, and push for our voices to be heard. This may relate to our concerns on; college and university student rights, clubs grounded in our college, events under the CPES umbrella, and unfair tuition hikes.

It isn't just about discussing about the college, but about challenging ideas, taking risks, and transforming the college into a recognizable icon for diversity, community, and proactive behaviour. This isn't about complaining on apathetic actions, but praising and encouraging the pro-active voices in our tightly knit community.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, jokes, comics, anything at all, feel free to email myself at . Aside from that, vote for whom you think will represent you best, not who you think is going to win. Peace Out, A-Town (is that out of date?).

Momina Mir: College - CPES

I believe in working with all members of our campus community to bring about positive changes towards a more transparent, cooperative, and accessible environment for everyone.

As a CPES Representative on the CSA Board, I will strongly advocate on behalf of students' interests, helping to ensure that our rights are protected. In addition, my priorities include: improving the quality and accessibility of CPES programs, helping connect students with resources and campus support services, raising greater awareness and support for student-led initiatives, in addition to advocating to reducing tuition fees. I believe education is a fundamental right, and I plan to continue to campaign for a campus increasingly more diverse, affordable and accessible for everyone. In doing so, I will bring to this position my extensive experiences working with a variety of student-led and administrative organizations, as well as extensive knowledge of issues presented at the Senate and CPES SC Board.

I am dedicated and determined to continue to bring about positive changes within our university community, and if given the opportunity by students, will do so as your CPES Representative. If you have any questions, contact me via email at or, for more info, visit my website: http://www.uoguelph.ca/~mirm

Greg Baute: College - CBS

The College of Biological Science needs a representative that can make good decisions, exchange important ideas and communicate productively with its students and the CSA. By factoring in the interests of the entire institute and the special needs of small interest groups I will make informed decisions. My experience with various executives and board meetings, such as sitting on the CBSSC board, has given me the skills to act confidently in these situations. Over the course of my studies I have participated in several different student organizations, and I am currently the president of the Botany Club, so I understand that different groups have particular needs. My broad areas of study, plant science and molecular biology, have given me an understanding of the interdisciplinary scientific interests of the school’s students. It’s important to me that people feel comfortable talking to me, because asking questions and voicing concerns is imperative in assuring that your input is heard. What is most important is that you have confidence in the people who are representing you. Rest assured, I have the abilities required to competently represent the CBS and its students.

Nanky Rai: College - CBS

As a Board of Director for the CSA, I will bridge the gap between the powers that be and the general student body. I will work restlessly to knock down the walls of bureaucracy that plague student governance, and distribute the power to the people who should hold it, you, the students.
As the representative for the College of Biological Sciences, I will ensure the interest of our program and our majors. I will bring about equality and a promise of a fair playing ground for every tuition paying, overworked, and underrepresented undergrad. I will fight for your best interest, and our issues. I will help reduce those high tuition rates that artificially raise the cost of getting a science education. I will not take no for an answer, and will wave our CBS flag proudly in that boardroom.

Your voice. Your issues. Your Candidate.
Nanky Rai for CSA Board.

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