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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Written by Jessica Wiper

It all began one dark and stormy night after night class. I got home, all the lights in the house were on and the heat was at 27°C. Both of my roommates’ partners were there, as always, and they were eating my food! I was at my wits end, so the next day I searched on the University of Guelph’s homepage, and found the answer to my prayers: Neighbourhood Relations.

I emailed them, and the next day one of their peer helpers emailed me back with some ideas on how to talk to my roommates, as well as some times to meet with the peer helpers to set-up a roommate conflict resolution session. I was saved, and now, I’d like to pass on this valuable resource to you -- to save you from all of your living off-campus nightmares! So here’s the scoop on Neighbourhood Relations.

Neighbourhood Relations is a part of Student Life that works with off-campus students and helps them with questions and concerns. They employ peer helpers who are well versed in the Tenant Protection Act, the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, leases, landlords and everything in between. They offer roommate conflict resolution, as I already raved about, as well as conflict resolution and mediation with your landlord who you just can’t seem to connect with.

They also offer such resources as the Living Off Campus Student Handbook, as well as many other resources and referrals. They write weekly articles for thecannon.ca to keep students up-to-date on the latest renter’s news. Every year they hold a Living Off Campus Resource Fair and give presentations in residence to talk about off-campus living.

They encouraged me to deal with my roommate issues, become a part of the community, and learn all I could about my rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Drop them a line, they might be the answer to your problems as well!

(Not an actual student testimonial, written by a proud Neighbourhood Relations peer, hope to hear from you soon!)

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