No headaches, no hassles, Dump and Run does the work for you!

Monday, April 3, 2006


Written by Jessica Wiper

Alright, you’re all finished up in Guelph, or at least until September, so aside from packing, final papers and exams to worry about, you have an entire storage closet full of junk that you just don’t want. I am about to discuss with you the perfect solution to your dilemma of unwanted stuff: Dump and Run! It may sound like some sort of diaper company, but in actuality it is a coordinated effort between Neighbourhood Relations, U of G Sustainability, Central Student Association, City of Guelph, and GSEC to help make the move out garbage worries disappear.

So here’s worry-zapper number one, if you have lots of little possessions collecting dust that you really don’t want to have to move home or to a new place, just swap it. The Stuff Swap is an effort to reduce the amount of things you need to pack, simply drop off all unwanted reusable items at STUFF SWAP in the University Centre April 3-14, and pick up any new stuff you see that you have a hankering for. Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and if there’s stuff that is left because everyone seems to feel it’s junk, it will be donated to a local charity.

Next order of business, you have those pesky used table and chairs, fridge, couch or other hand-me-downs that you have outgrown. Instead of giving yourself a headache and a hernia trying to bring it down to the city waste yourself and having to pay the City fee, register through the school for it to all be taken care of for you. Starting April 3rd register at the Dump and Run booth in the University Centre, or email . You then put your large items out on the date that you have been assigned and the items will magically disappear. No headaches, no hassles, Dump and Run does the work for you.

Last Dump and Run favour: free Wet-Dry+ bags! Yes, that’s right, you’ve run out of the right colours and don’t want to bother buying 25 more just to use them as decoration back home, come and pick up the correct bags at the University Centre April 10-21.

Good luck with all the moving out process, it’s a lot of work, but the coordinated Dump and Run program is here to serve! Any further questions email or call 824-4120 ext 56276.

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