Friday, March 16, 2007

Written by Mandi Henderson

The New World

The first tear of the new world breaks through and makes its resounding appearance
His eyes shimmer as they give their first new found look out into a birthed world:
Casting shadows of infinite potentials and could be’s onto the woman he loves
His world debuts
The universe of forever falls away as his existence enters with a resonant blast
The man is the child reverting into a state of foreignness
His tongue falters in this love language
The charted map and the known paths reveal their multiplicities
Brown and green mix in an iris of explosions
And the second tear of the new world rolls down his cheek


Azure fills me...
I become overcome with it to a point of absolute frenzy
I am lost within its depth and feeling – evoking so much sorrow; so much grief
Yesterday I was filled with crimson,
but yesterday was a world's past and an eternity out of reach

This morning I breathe in deeper and deeper
I unknowingly feed its hunger with my will to aspire
Its wetness dampens not only my face, but also my spirit
The crystal shimmers hot as it spills
Pouring its pain
Exuding lament

Trickles of thoughts tinge the threads of my mind
Pushing the what if's and the could be's
…a place of no return is met,
where too much is dreamt and too little is let

Hard to be me in the mist of the unknowing
The desire to heal overcomes all
and the will to make 'things better' falls into shame

…to sit in the omniscient scope, to know all and internalize
The ticking grows louder
The light begins to thin
The blur becomes so great I must surrender my will

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