Profile: Billy Maloney-College of Arts

Friday, September 1, 2006

My name is Billy Maloney. I am a 2nd philosophy student with an interest in politics. As a mature student of 27 years, I am confident that I will bring beneficial life experience that younger nominees do not have. I have a respectable grade average and am a part of several student organizations, most notably as president of the U of G Astronomy Club. I have sat (and still do) on the CPES board representing the Astronomy Club, and as such, am familiar with the bureaucracy and procedures inherent in student government. Of course, as a representative of the College of Arts, I would represent those students’ interests, as they are also my own. I subscribe to the idea articulated by James P. Sterba that the role of a philosopher is ‘to better the human condition’, or in this case, the student condition. A position on the CSA Board of Directors would afford me an opportunity to put that ideology into actuality. Thank you for your consideration.
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