Profile: David Quinlan-College of Management Economics

Friday, September 1, 2006

My name is David Quinlan and I am running as a candidate for an At-Large
Position on the CSA Board of Directors for the College of Management and

In the past, I have taken part in several extra-curricular activities. In my first year, I joined SafeWalk. This gave me an excellent opportunity to meet new student and interact with the school community, all while providing a vital service. In my second year, I volunteered at a retirement home in Guelph. In this role I played chess with the elderly, went on walks, and so on. Most recently, I was an Orientation Volunteer for O-Week 2006. Performing this job allowed me to "payback" the hardworking volunteers who had selflessly given up their weekend to help me move into residence.

Attaining a seat on the CSA Board of Directors would be a tremendous way for
me to end my tenure at the University of Guelph. I strongly feel that I have
the skills and dedication required to perform this job. Working to represent
the views of a 3000 member college is no easy task, but I am ready for that

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