Profile: Evan Dalzell-College of Arts

Friday, September 1, 2006

My name is Evan Dalzell, and I am an Arts student. More than that, I am running for the College of Arts At-large Representative position on the CSA Board of Directors. I am in my fourth year finishing an Honours degree in Theatre Studies, with a Minor in Sociology. I have had a lot of leadership experience during my four years here at Guelph, including executive positions on the Drama Student Federation and Interhall Council. I currently hold the position of Artz Haüs President and while that alone does not qualify me for the Board of Director’s position, I believe it certainly helps. Artz Haüs is an accredited club under CASU, your student government for all things artsy. I have always had a passion for advocacy and volunteering, which is why I decided to run for this position. I know I can be fair, enthusiastic and dependable for any and all needs of students studying in the Arts. I am asking you to let me be your voice to the CSA Board of Directors. Will you let me?
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