Royal City Beats: April 22-28

Friday, April 23, 2010


Written by Adam Donaldson

You’re done your finals, so why not kick back and listen to some great tunes before packing up for the summer. The Beats provide this week, mostly thanks to Kazoofest, with no shortage of musical arrangements to suit all tastes. So, in short, there is no reason to stay in this week.


Thursday April 22nd

Sean Nicholas Savage, Silly Kissers and Pop Winds

7 p.m. The Attic, 14 Northumberland St.

We start off this Royal City Beats with the early show from Kazoofest. This set’s all about Montreal with the duo of Sean Nicholas Savage and Pop Winds, who are currently touring Ontario together, with the additional charm of Silly Kissers.

Lullabye Arkestra, Brides and Soft Copy

10 p.m. ebar, 41 Quebec St.

For the late show, Kazoo is giving us the obvious complement to an all-Montreal band show: an all-Toronto band show. First, there’s the husband and wife rock duo of Lullabye Arkestra, which is followed up by former Guelphites Brides and wraps up with pop punks Soft Copy.

Kae Sun

11 p.m. Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St.

The always outstanding Kae Sun brings his unique hip-hop stylings to Guelph in support of his new album, Sun on a Leash.



Friday April 23rd

Odium, Time The Destroyer, Drudgery, Misguided Aggression

6 p.m. Vinyl, 52 Macdonell St.

It’s time to celebrate Guelph metal as the locally-based record label Year of the Sun holds a fundraiser at Vinyl. The entire set - Odium, Time The Destroyer, Drudgery and Misguided Aggression – are Guelph-born and bred. So if you like it loud, come out and celebrate with YOTS, and get a free CD at the door while you’re at it.

Rosenberg & Coole

8:30 p.m. Folkway Music, 163 Suffolk St. W.

Banjo duo Ivan Rosenberg and Chris Coole, direct from Portland, Oregon, will strum away for the Friday crowd at Folkway.

Bruce Peninsula, Flowers of Hell and Katie Stelmanis

8 p.m. Dublin St. United Church, 68 Suffolk St. W.

Any show anchored by Bruce Peninsula is a can’t miss proposition. Joining them are fellow rock orchestra, albeit with a transatlantic edge, Flowers of Hell and the artist formally known as Katie Stelmanis, Private Life. 

Norma MacDonald

9 p.m. Cornerstone, 1 Wyndham St.

Halifax folk artist Norma MacDonald is passing through various parts of Ontario on her way to Chicago for a show there May 6th. Friday night she’ll be stopping in at the Cornerstone for a set (and perhaps some fine vegetarian food).

PS I Love You, Diamond Rings and Rich Aucoin

10 p.m. Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St.

It’s experimental music from far-flung places as Kingston pop metal duo PS I Love You joins forces with Toronto real deal Diamond Rings and Halifax’s visual pop sensation Rich Aucoin for the Kazoo late show.


Saturday April 24th

Matthew DeZoete

9 p.m. Cornerstone, 1 Wyndham St.

Hamilton’s pop/folk/rock auteur Matthew DeZoete returns to the Cornerstone for one his semi-regular appearances.

Bocce, Noah 23, Green Go and Miles Jones

10 p.m. Albion, 49 Norfolk St.


Kazoo makes it a tough call tonight with both shows starting at the same time. First up though is a stellar collection of local favourites. Waterloo’s Bocce comes to town with a new CD to release, while Guelph’s hip-hop maestro Noah 23 and electro punks Green Go help them celebrate. Toronto artist Miles Jones joins the fun with his own hip-hop/soul/fusion.

Sarah Mangle Buys A Bear, Rat Tail, Cousins, and Weird Weather

10 p.m. Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St.

Only those prepared to two-step had better come to this show because featured artists Sarah Mangle Buys a Bear and Cousins will definitely make you want to. It’s all grunge from there though thanks to Toronto’s Rat Tail and the Guelph-connected Weird Weather.


Sunday April 25th

Rae Spoon and Ghost Bees

10:30 p.m. Breakfast House Show @ 32 Edinburgh Rd. S.

If you’re not Kazooed out by Sunday morning, then come out and have breakfast with Calgary’s Canadian Gothic Rae Spoon and Halifax folk stars (and twin sisters) Ghost Bees.

Richard Laviolette & the Oil Spills, Ryan Driver, Eric Chenaux and Lisa Bozikovic

10 p.m. ebar, 41 Quebec St.

Wind down Kazoofest with Guelph’s favourite son Richard Laviolette and his compatriots, the Oil Spills. The unique talents of Ryan Driver, Eric Chenaux and Lisa Bozikovic, one of CBC’s 10 artists to breakthrough in 2010, will round out the night.



Monday April 26th


Dead and Divine, The Bled, Blind Witness, Let Live, The Twin, Annora

6:30 p.m. Vinyl, 52 Macdonell St.

It’s cross-border metal, mixing the finest and loudest bands from the U.S. and Canada. Representing your true and native land is Burlington’s Dead and Divine, Cambridge’s The Twin and Annora from K-W. Coming to you from state-side is Tuscon’s The Bled, and L.A.’s Blind Witness and Let Live.


Wednesday April 28th


Magneta Lane with Will Currie & the Country French and Your Neck Of The Woods

9 p.m. Van Gogh's Ear, 10 Wyndham St.

Currently touring all over Ontario together, the all-female garage rock trio Magenta Lane arrive in town with the terrific Will Currie and his gang the Country Fresh. For a bit of Guelph flavour, the bluegrass quintet Your Neck of the Woods complete the set.

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