Step-by-Step guide on how the CSA Election videos were made

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Written by Stephanie Rennie

The CSA Election videos were filmed and edited by thecannon videographer, Denise Martins. The Editor-in-Chief has developed a “how to” guide to illustrate how the videos were produced.

Upon receiving the list of candidates, Denise Martins emailed all of the candidates and produced a sign-up sheet for filming. Candidates were given the option of signing up for Thursday February 16th or Friday February 17th 2012. Two candidates were unable to attend during any of the allotted times and were scheduled before or after the original time slots.

The actual filming of the videos took place at the Photo Arts Club studio. Candidates were told in advance to produce a one minute presentation on their platform. After filming all of the candidates, Denise edited the videos in thecannon office. Following the editing process, the Editor reviewed every video.

On Monday February 27th, it was noted that the videos were not accessible. The videographer is adding transcripts and closed captioning. To ensure consistency, these alterations were uploaded one position at a time so that all candidates were given a fair video. The videos will be accessible by Tuesday February 28th at 11pm.

If you have any further questions about the production of the campaign videos, please contact or .

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