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Subletting simply means you are renting your unit to someone else (a sub-tenant) for the same price or less than what you are paying. Basically, the subletter agrees to pay a portion of the rent for a shorter duration than a full lease while you remain in an agreement with the landlord. The subletter may pay you or the landlord directly. You will still be responsible to meet the terms and agreements stated on your original lease. A sublet agreement can be located at www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca/ocl
This is different from ASSIGNING your lease because when you assign your lease, the new person’s name replaces yours on the agreement with the landlord.
For the person you decide to sublet to, you should have a written agreement stating the duration, price, responsibilities and any other agreements. Remember, because your name is still on the original agreement, you are still responsible for damages, garbage, noise complaints etc. Simply put: you are their landlord. The terms of the agreement cannot extend longer than the original lease or require a payment of more than what the rent is on the original lease.
Finally, make sure the sub-tenant gets a copy of the original lease and understands what is outlined therein.
You need your landlord’s consent for subletting or assigning and your landlord cannot arbitrarily turn down a sub-tenant or assignment. Your landlord cannot refuse to have you sublet (or assign) your lease. It is best to notify your landlord in writing of your intentions to sublet.
Places you can search include thecannon.ca, the University of Guelph’s Off-Campus Housing listings (www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca/ocl). There is usually an abundance of sublets available compared to sub-letters who are looking, so if you are in the latter category, don’t be afraid to be choosey.
For more information regarding off-campus living, please email or visit us on the third floor of UC
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