The five W's of pre-renting planning

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Written by Jessica Wiper

Remember elementary English class when Mr.Smith, your English teacher, would claim that in any piece of writing the five w’s should be answered: who, what, when, where and why? I haven’t forgotten that valuable lesson and hopefully you haven’t either, so here come the five W’s of house hunting.

Roommates can make a renting experience amazing…and have the potential to do the exact opposite. Don’t only think of who tells great jokes and is a blast at the bar, but also who is similar to you, such as having the same budget and the same work ethic. You don’t want to fight over money, noise or other petty problems. Pick the people who are dependable and who aren’t going to sell your stuff on Ebay!

There is a housing surplus in Guelph, so don’t settle! Get together with your potential housemates and make a list of all the things you feel you need in a place to live, such as included utilities, dishwasher, washer and dryer or parking space. Also think of what kind of place you want to live in, house, apartment, condo, townhouse and so on.

Start looking after reading week. Tenants don’t need to give their notice that they’re leaving until the end of February, so most postings won’t be up until then.

Think of what you want or need to be close to. Want to be close to the mall, or downtown, or perhaps just as close to the campus as possible? Also keep the bus routes in mind and where the place falls on a route. If you’re near the end of a route, there’s a good chance the bus may be full at certain times and will have to drive right by you!

Of course you could wing it and hope for the best when it comes to renting, but your living experiences make up a huge part of the time you’ll spend in post-secondary education, so do a little pre-planning to make sure it’s worth remembering. Good luck searching for the perfect place!

Visit Neighbourhood Relations for more information.

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