The Graduate (not like that)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Written by Samartha Gamble

Dear Sammy,

I will soon be graduating from university. I’ve been living away from home with a roommate and it’s been great because I could do whatever I wanted without having my Mom and Dad breathing down my back. But now that school is done, I find that I’m dreading the return home to live under the watchful eyes of my parents. They are very work oriented and I fear that I won’t get a job as fast as they expect me too. How can I prepare myself mentally for what’s to come?

  • Tim, 25

Dear Tim,

First, take some time to reajust your mind to the realities of home life, which are lack of privacy and high family expectations; so please don’t make fighting with your parents an unecesary piority. You are no longer at university where answering to no one was a luxury; now you must have the same respect for your parents as you had for your roomate, whom, I’m sure, you had to force yourself to tolerate at times.

That being said Tim, while it’s important to make every effort to try to find work, remember your parents are always going to be parents – watchful and judgmental – and you’ll just have to accept that. What you can change is your mindset and become more tolerant and accepting of the things you can’t change; which includes your parent’s behavior and being chosen for a job. Instead, focus on getting along with your parents and reconnecting with them. You’ve been away from home for some time and I’m sure the last thing on their mind is you finding a job. After you’ve settled down at home, then you can start job hunting. But while you’re at home, you can have a head start by developing a strategic game plan that is a mixture of your skills, values and your expectations, which are all extremely important in guiding you as you create your career roadmap.

Tim, you must be realistic and understand that finding a job most of the time is totally out of your hands. In today's market you'll be competing not only with other new grads, but with people who have years of work experience and you will need to be in top emotional shape to endure the pangs of job seeking. It can take six to 12 months to find a job, so it's important to develop a strategic game plan now, don’t wait until you get home to start thinking about how you are going to execute the plan for you own personal sucess.But don't despair, even if you don’t have a job right away; you still have one thing going for you and that’s the love and comfort of you family and home. You might be pleasantly surprised that what you fear, just might be your salvation as you prepare menatlly for your post university challenges.

  • Sammy

This will be Sammy’s last column on the Cannon, although, you’ll still be able to reach her at CFRU every Wednesday during The Talk Therapy Show on 93.3 FM. For now Sammy will be redirecting her efforts elsewhere, but she’s thankful for the experience this past year and wishes to thank her local fans for the support.
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