Tiny Danza Releases "You Can Have it All" this week

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

  • Tiny Danza: Art by Tim Comire

    Tiny Danza: Art by Tim Comire

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Five years ago a group of five young guys recognized their similar interest in creating music and redefining the current generation of pop and hip-hop music. Together, Matt Russo, Andrew Santaguida, Nick Shao, Andrew Craig and Galen Hogg make up Tiny Danza, a hip-hop band about to break through Canada.

In an interview with Andrew Craig, vocalist in Tiny Danza, Craig discussed the roots of the band. “We all went to Etobicoke School of the Arts together and started as a folk band,” shortly followed by the addition of a rapper to the band to create the hip hop element.

Tiny Danza is a perfect blend of R&B, hip-hop and rock. Craig discusses the recent pop music as problematic. He explains the latest outburst of pop music among artists such as Bieber, Beyonce, and Black Eyed Peas as a mere “arms race.” Craig explains that “The Black Eyed Peas went from underground to the poppiest music I’ve ever heard.”

Craig suggests that “there is nothing wrong with making money, but there is definitely something wrong with the Bieber generation.”

In response to the outburst of pop music, Tiny Danza attempts to overturn the downturn of the music industry by breaking out their idea of genuinely good music.

Tiny Danza is a compilation of “very different musical tastes,” Craig states as he explores the different inspirations from various genres of music. Keyboardist, Andrew Santaguida seeks musical inspiration from the class rock styles of Hendrix, Zeppelin, and The Beatles. Vocalist, Andrew Craig derives his personal musical motivation from the pop sounds of Michael Jackson.

Together, the variety of musical tastes and enthusiasm creates the energy-filled beats that Tiny Danza continues to produce.

On Tuesday June 14th, Tiny Danza will be releasing their latest album “You Can Have it All” under the Bent Penny/Universal label.

 Andrew Craig describes this album release as a monumental moment for the band as they “hope to use it as a platform for the next album.”

“It is a big achievement to know we have a product that someone in the industry will push for us,” Craig described as the most meaningful accomplishment for the band at this moment of their career.

From their album, the hit song “Beat Fly” has swept through the nation as it holds a spot on Rockband for XBOX and has quickly become a huge hit.

 “You Can Have it All” will be available on Tuesday across Canada. The release of the album will be followed by a much anticipated tour beginning in the Toronto area and making their way to Montreal.

In light of their upcoming tour, I asked Andrew Craig to describe a typical Tiny Danza show. “Really high-energy, original, and definitely something you will want to hear again and again,” Craig stated with excitement for the scheduled tour across Southern Ontario and Quebec.

For their tour schedule and more information on Tiny Danza, visit http://www.tinydanza.com.


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