Troy Frost

Monday, January 1, 2007

Why are you running?

I strongly believe that the central students’ association could immensely better the students it represents if only more students took an active role in sharing their fabulous ideas with me as their Communications Commissioner.

What are your priorities for next year?

Cooperation and positive work dynamic between all of the newly elected executive members of the CSA. Promoting sustainability and environmental initiatives on campus. Celebrating diversity of achievement through all of our campus’ excellent clubs, organizations and colleges.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

“Who’s your daddy? Who’s your baby? Who’s your lover? Who's your friend? Who's the one guy you go running to when your love life starts tumble’n?” Yay, Country music.

What’s the best thing to ever happen to you in Guelph?

Getting involved with the Green Party of Canada campus greens and meeting some absolutely amazing people while making a huge difference for something we all believe in: sustainability.

What innovative ideas do you have to communicate what the CSA does?

Enlightenment era costumes should become mandatory dress code for all CSA executive members while on campus, to increase our visibility and sense of humour.

What creative strengths would you bring to this position?

Artistic skills. The ability to think innovatively when planning fundraising events, student concerts and free cooking classes. The ability to sing great country music in a painfully untalented manner and still have fun.

What do you feel is the most important message that the CSA Communications?

Commissioner should be getting across to students and the community?
We are here to serve your interest: make yourself heard! As Communications Commisioner I am your Concerierge, your Ombudsperson, your Voice to the administration.

What CSA services do you feel need more exposure, and how do you plan to accomplish this?

The Legal Resource Room and the Food Bank are both incredible services that the CSA provides: every student on campus should know what these organizations do and how they can benefit when they require these services.

Speaking of communicating, have you ever painted the cannon and what did it say?

GO GREEN! (If Al Gore ever comes to campus I’ll be sure to deja vu this message)

Anything else that you wanted to add?

Take a good hard look at the stranger beside you on the bus, across the aisle in class or sitting in the other couch at the Bullring. Do you truly believe they would vote the way you would vote? Do you believe they have better ideas about how your student government should be run? Take the time to vote online and convince every student you know to do the same. Voter turnout matters; express yourself!

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