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Friday, September 7, 2007


Written by The CSA Exec

Rise and shine - Move-In day 2007 was quite a spectacle! I was on the move, as was the rest of our Executive, meeting people and stopping by cars. Leaning in windows I met several hundred first year students and their families. All while keeping the lines entertained I helped spread the word about who we are at the CSA, why students pay fees to us, what we offer and how they can get involved! Of all the smiling and excited faces I saw on Sunday it was most fun to see students interested in the extra-curricular learning opportunities available with us here at the CSA. Armed with stickers and bookmarks I distributed our contact information, pointing these eager students in the right direction. Showcasing our new website (www.csaonline.ca), I encouraged the first-years to learn more about how they can engage themselves and become active members of our student union. Even as the day wore on, I met students walking around campus and within residence halls who were eager to find ways to participate outside of the classroom. What an inspirational day – I cannot wait to see all the new students in action!

Jakki Doyle

Wow! I can't believe how fast o-week is flying by! I just got back from the home opener of our Guelph Gryphon football team. Before the game I was at the College of Biological Science Student Council free lunch at the new science complex courtyard. It was a really great time! There were hundreds of new students and orientation volunteers sitting on the grass, throwing Frisbees, relaxing, and chatting with new friends. I met with several new students and answered questions that they had about university life. Several students had questions about their academics; “how do I switch majors/programs?”, “how difficult are first year classes?”, “is the transition between high school and university tough?”. As the Central Student Association Academic Commissioner I am responsible for supporting students in their academic journey on campus, including being knowledgeable about financial aid available to students. If you have questions about your academic program please get in touch at [email protected] or call me at extension 56742. Being on campus for orientation week is a total blast. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to meet with new students and share with them some of my experiences at the University of Guelph. I can't wait to see how these new students will get involved and contribute to campus life.

Derek Pieper

Wednesday morning was the Academic Resource Fair following the President's Welcome to New Students and the Lunch. Even though the CSA was tucked in a far corner, we still had plenty of new students come to our booth. We were situated next to the CSA Food Bank and Human Rights Office which made for a brilliant trifecta of involvement. Our shirts were definitely a big draw, however we still had a huge number of students stop by and although there was an incentive to go to as many booths as possible, the students were asking great questions and got really excited when we gave them information on how they can vote in the October 10th Provinical Election and our upcoming All Candidates Forum this coming Tuesday (Sept. 11) at 5:30 in UC 103. The first year students definitely seemed like they wanted to get involved, and it gave me a lot of hope for the next year!!

Evan Dalzell

The CSA's Orientation Week started off with a bang on Sunday night. We were very excited to be present at both the traditional Pep Rally, and our alternative event “Agents of Chill”. We felt that providing a quieter atmosphere where students can relax and mingle was really important to ensuring that all students felt taht O-Week had experiences available that they were comfortable with.

At the Pep Rally, the stands shook, students cheered, people went streaking across the field, and the air was brimming with excitement. The CSA recorded a spoof of the Mac/PC commercial, rebranding it as Guelph/Another University, and it was great to have an opportunity to show everyone on campus our fun side, before the serious of the semester sets in.

At “Agents of Chill” we were treated to some great music by the band Schwebbs and some yummy grub, courtesy of the Bullring. Being able to talk to students one-on-one about the university experience was a highlight of this event for me – I remember how apprehensive I was about attending university when I started here four years ago, and it was great to be able to assauge some of the fears of Guelph's new students.

Meghan Hourigan

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