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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Written by N. Charles Hamilton

Let's get this party started!

This first installment of the CSA Executive Column is a showcase for the method of our mayhem. Why are we starting this up – just for kicks, or what? We were motivated to compose this piece on a weekly basis for several reasons. We at the CSA feel strongly that this year we need to get our message out there – so that you and all UoG students can feel connected to us. Every Wednesday a new article will be posted regarding various Executive issues. Anything from projects we are working on, ways to be involved, a spotlight on services within our portfolio; in a nutshell, pretty much everything we do at the CSA can and will be incorporated into our Exec Column.You can expect to learn lots about what the CSA has to offer YOU this 2007-2008 school year and just generally whats up in the world of the CSA Exec. We encourage you to post comments regarding our column as we will be active in the resulting discussion.

We've spent this past month, officially since May 1, getting oriented and set up here at our new office-home. We are loving our new roles and are proud to have found our footing. Hitting the ground running we have set clear goals and priorities for the year and know that positive changes are to come. Throughout a variety of training sessions we have learned more about our jobs here at the CSA and have become quite familiar with what we can expect from the year. As each day here at the office teaches us something new, we are thrilled that the summer semester is underway. As many students are still on and around campus we too are busy working on both new and innovative plans for the year.

With great excitement we are happy to unveil our new CSA Exec Column. We hope that you will enjoy reading and responding to our articles. For more general info on the CSA check out our website (which is in the process of being revamped) at www.csaonline.ca.

See you on the flip side!

Jakki Doyle

Finance & Human Resource Commissioner

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