What I learned at an Off-Campus Living Info Session

Monday, January 28, 2008


Written by Derek Alton

Like many others, I am in a time of transition. Adjusting to a new semester, but also looking to the future. Looking towards where I will stand a year from now, it is time to look towards a future off campus. For many of us this is a scary thought. Here on campus we have gotten used to the comfort and support of the networks in place. Living off campus means standing more on our own.

There are many questions stirring in my head. Who will I live with? Where will I live? What do I need to know? The details that my parents have always looked after will now fully rest on my shoulders. Thankfully, the university has set up many systems to aide students like myself in this situation. One that I took advantage of was the Off-Campus Living information session that took place in the South Residence last week.

I personally found this session very useful. It brought up issues I had worried about, as well as many that hadn’t crossed my mind before, and gave answers to both. It made me more aware of what I needed to know to make a smooth transition to off-campus living. Information such as parking, safety standards and lease information, and my rights and responsibilities as a tenant were all presented. I learned where to go to find suitable housing and how to go through the renting process. An interesting fact I was surprised to learn was that most leases are actually a full year instead of eight months like I had suspected.

I strongly encourage anyone looking into moving off campus to check out these sessions. Even if you already live off campus, there is much you will learn from this session. No matter how much you think you know, I guarantee you will hear something you never knew before. There are also highly useful handouts that are given at these sessions. For all who are interested, there will be a session on Jan. 29 in the LA Fireplace Lounge as well as one the following day at the East Fireplace Lounge. Both these sessions will be at 5:30 pm

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