5 Guelph-Themed Costumes Guaranteed to Win Halloween

Monday, October 26, 2015

  • 5 costumes any true gryphon will love!

    5 costumes any true gryphon will love!

Written by Pegleess Barrios

Halloween is only days away, and many of us are still struggling to find the perfect costume. But FEAR NOT, The Cannon is here to save you sorry little slackers with 5 costumes  guaranteed to make you the star of your Halloween party.

1. The Gryphon


Many of us have a love/hate relationship with this cartoon-ish beast. Why did the alumni give us this strange thing instead of funding scholarships or getting a better heater in War Mem? Why is it smiling like that? Why are we supposed to rub its beak in September? Embrace the mystery, set aside your anger for a night, and become the gryphon. Bonus: finally use those hashtags that Student Life has been trying to promote for months and tag all your Instagram selfies with #iamagryphon, #foreveragryphon and #gryphonpride!

Cannon Costumes - the gryphon


Cannon Costumes - the gryphon by pegasusbb featuring leg avenue costumes


2. The Begging Bear

Canadiana Begging Bear - Carl Skelton, dressed as a magician

Guelph campus is full of strange and unexplained art installations! The Begging Bear is a classic. You've probably sat at his feet while waiting for yet another late bus, or dressed him up to promote an event. His begging pose speaks to the feelings of despair and "help me I'm poor" gifs you've shared after paying for overpriced textbooks. So dress up as the Begging Bear for a night by layering one of those homecoming tees ontop of your basic bear costume, beg everyone you see on Halloween for money, and maybe make a little more change for Dollarama ramen!

Cannon Costumes begging bear


Cannon Costumes begging bear by pegasusbb on Polyvore


3. Alastair Summerlee

Alastair Summerlee

"Who is the old man walking barefoot on campus?" If you don't know who we're talking about, you're probably in first year. Sorry, kids. Alastair Summerlee was Guelph's previous president, well known for taking duckface selfies with students and not wearing shoes. Flaunt the premature baldness that university stress gave you, the tension alopecia from your too-tight man-bun, or just go all out and shave your head! To really give this costume a spooky edge, carry a stack of papers titled "PPP" and talk about all the programs and courses you're going to cut to make room in the university budget for bigger parking lots.

Cannon Costumes - Alastair Summerlee


Cannon Costumes - Alastair Summerlee by pegasusbb on Polyvore


4. Guide Dog Puppy

Guide dog puppy

Who ISN'T obsessed with these adorable, helpful, sleepy, perfect little creatures? Guelph is #blessed to have a plethora of tiny little guide dog puppies roaming around and distracting everyone in class. Maybe your roommates won't let you have one, but you can BE one for a night! Bonus points for chanelling your inner guide dog and making sure your friends don't run straight into oncoming cars or busses this Halloween.

Cannon Costumes


Cannon Costumes by pegasusbb featuring a pocket vest

5. Guelph Squirrel

squirrels cuddling

Everyone knows that squirrels are Guelph's unofficial mascots. If you don't know what we mean, just take a look in Overheard at Guelph because chances are, 7 out of 10 posts are going to be about squirrels. And although squirrels are by no means unique to Guelph, our squirrels do have a certain special resourcefulness and tenacity. Just take a look in the nearest dumpster and you will see one emerge with a half-eaten bagel, an entire slice of pizza, or one of Bob's legendary dogs. Make this costume your own and become instantly famous on Overheard! Prepare yourself for lengthy debates and arguments over every aspect of your outfit.

Cannon Costumes

Cannon Costumes by pegasusbb featuring cosplay costumes 


Do you have any more ideas for Guelph-themed costumes? Tell us in the comments!

Tag your Halloween photos with #LoadTheCannon to be featured next week! 

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