A Clarification

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Amy Armstrong

I just wanted to clarify my letter.

I have worked closely with Immigration Canada on my summer job and I have seen
with my own eyes international students applying for visas, I realize this may
be humiliating, but it is necessary to protect our economy. It is humiliating
applying for any type of government visa, no matter what country you are headed
to or are coming from. Personal questions from strangers about personal issues
are always humiliating.

And I never stated that 5000 dollars what not that much money. It is a lot of
money. And I realize that you are paying some taxes, but the amount you are
paying in the long run doesnt nearly add up to the amount that the government
contributes to the post-secondary education of each of its residents. The
government, really, pays half of my tuition bill, because I am Canadian.

You do not gain a privilege by being born in Canada, you gain a right. The
right to live in Canada. As an international student, you were given the
priviledge to study here by the government of Canada. They did not have to
approve your visa. You do not have the right to live here or study here, but
you were granted the priviledge. Just as in any other country that accepts
international students. Regulations are placed on foreigners to protect our
economy and our standard or life. If everyone in the world had the right to
come to school and live here, it would be impossible to sustain our standard of
life. Your tuition went up a year ago because costs in education are rising and
the government is giving less to the schools. There is a reason for everything
and you have to realize that. Its not because we want to make life hard for
international students. Its our country and we can and should place regulations
that sustain our standard of living. I'm sure you might have also had a criminal
record check done on you, without you even knowing it. That is humiliating, but
why should we allow criminals into the country?

Im glad you atleast came to Canada to study. It's alot harder to get a student
visa in other countries.


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