A thought on dreaming

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Gillian Payne (Contest Entry)


Do you ever wonder about why you don’t realize you are dreaming when you are?

Or you wake up in the middle of a really good dream and wish you could fall back asleep so it could finish? I find I have the most vivid dreams in the mornings when I can sleep in. And if I don’t let my mind wonder too much to “what I am going to do today” things I can remember a lot of my dreams and get further back into them. I find I retrace my dreams from the last thing I was doing backwards to the earliest dream I can remember in a sleep.

The only dream I remember actually knowing that I was having a dream was back in high school. In the dream I was in my grade 8 classroom with all my girlfriends and a couple guy friends. There was only candle light and it was the middle of the night. We were playing something like truth or dare I remember when suddenly I was running as fast as I could from a bear in the middle of the wilderness! I managed to make it on top of a rock ledge and then it hit me, this isn’t where I wanted to be. I was just somewhere else that I really liked and if only I could remember where that was. I did, I wanted to go back. I can. I am dreaming. How do I know for sure? Pinch yourself. I did. Nothing. I was dreaming. Oh my goodness I was dreaming and I knew I was dreaming what did this all mean…

Woooosh I awoke.


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