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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Written by Reannon Marcelissen (Contest Entry)


What is original? Is anything original? Hasn’t it all been done before? Everything must have been thought of in our thousand years of existence. From electric guitars to nuclear weapons, its all been done before. A historical theorist by the name of Jared Diamond states continuously throughout his book “Guns, Germs and Steel,” that inventions and discoveries were both the benefactors and deadly assassins to mankind. Really, who was the first to think of making a gun? One would think it was the poor natives who had nothing but spears and arrows to try and feed themselves with. But it was the industrious Asians who first discovered gun-powder, but didn’t yet know that it could go in a gun!

Today we spend billions of dollars researching germs, and any biology major knows that germs don’t exist! They are a media name for bacteria and viruses. Are the new hand soaps calls “antigermicidal”? No, they are “antibacterial,” for a good reason. So why do ads on TV continue to show “germ killing” cleaning products?

So if we can come up with things that are real, and convince people of things that are not, what then is original?
As stated in the dictionary, original means “the source or cause from which something arises.” So if this piece were to be original and my ideas here were not original, just arranged in an original way would this still be an original piece?”

Food for thought.

Have an original day!

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