Bad Blood over Contributions

Friday, September 10, 2004


Written by Bradley J. Webb

"The locals who frequent downtown already contribute through their taxes; what
do the students contribute? They are the ones who make these messes after all."

OK, the locals contribute with their taxes, however, Students have to pay
taxes as well, most often supporting the messes made by "visitors to their own
cities"... I wonder if anyone in the city of Guelph has not littered at one
point in his or her life... if they have, then they cannot claim that the
students are the ones messing up their city. I bet not one person can claim
that they have never dropped something on the street, or left litter in a
theater for someone else to pick up. You may say, "Well, in theaters, the
staff is paid to pick up garbage." the same goes for the garbage staff of the

Also, the students contribute more than this person thinks. We come here
ever year, and we put money into the economy of Guelph. Where do the students
eat? Downtown Toronto? No. They eat in the Guelph. They shop in Guelph.
This means that there will have to be some sort of payed staff to feed the
students. If the university upped and moved (if it were possible) the economy
would be devastated. There would be no money from students going into the
local economy, and people, in turn, would lose jobs.

"Make it mandatory for every single university student to do 40 hours of
cleaning up our downtown streets as community service."

If we did this, we would also have to make all citizens of the city, and
visitors to the city, no matter how long they are here, and no matter whether
or not they go downtown, contribute the same 40 hours of community service.
Or, just look at what happened when we tried to use prisoners to clean up. In
the city of Toronto, the unions revolted, saying that they were taking away
jobs from all of the payed union members. This also applies to the 25 dollar
"fine" placed each year on students, everyone who goes downtown should have to
pay it.

"We try to welcome the students each and every year but it disgusts most of us
locals how they treat our city and its property. We are tired of paying for
them and the damage they cause. These students need to grow up and take
responsibility for their actions and stop with their destructive behavior. They
are, after all, pretending to be adults and future contributing members of
society - yet they act like spoiled brats in their behavior. I must say that
not all students are like this but the majority of them are."

I am a well-rounded individual, and I take it to heart when something like
this is said. We can always find people or things to blame our troubles on.
here are a few examples... try the politicians, who wage war instead of trying
to get peace. Try the industrial sector, which spews waste into the rivers.
Try the "recycling" system, where the garbage workers are too overworked to
separate the already separated materials into the appropriate trucks.

If I said that all locals despise us for coming to Guelph, that would be
wrong. If I said that MOST locals despise us for coming to Guelph, I would
also be wrong. In fact, I can only think of ONE person who doesn't like us
being here. How can you say that the majority of students are pretending to be
adults, or the majority of students act like spoiled brats? I think back to my
days when I was a child, and I remember always saying, "It takes one to know
one." I still believe that it is true

I believe that the city of Guelph is a nice city, full of reasonable people,
showing that we can work out our differences. Am I wrong? Is it full of people
that wish the university were not there? If so, then I suggest you get a
petition going around to kick us out of your lovely city. Why would I stay
somewhere I am not wanted?

Tired of the moaning, whining, stereotyping, and complaining about youth

Bradley J. Webb
Student at the University of Guelph

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