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Friday, September 30, 2005


Written by Amanda Pierini (Community Relations, City of Guelph)

Dear Editor,

I'm the Community Relations Coordinator for the Solid Waste Resources Division at the City of Guelph. Last Saturday I organized a litter clean-up (with help from University staff) for approximately twenty Project Serve volunteers.

I write to you today in the hopes that you will help recognize the hard work and dedication the students have shown through Project Serve. I was truly impressed at how positive and enthusiastic the students were and felt they did a great job. The students collected an impressive 900 pounds of litter and waste during the clean-up.

I have drafted an article (below) that I will have posted on the City's Website to acknowledge the hard work of the students on that day. I am submitting a copy to both the Cannon and the Ontarion - in case you would also like to acknowledge the students who volunteered as part of Project Serve.

We are always thankful to those who help spread our anti-litter message and any recognition the students get is well-deserved.

  • To view photos of the day, click here.

As part of the Project Serve campaign, organized by the University of Guelph, twenty university students gave up a Saturday morning in bed to scour the streets of Guelph in search of litter.

Upon meeting the group of volunteers at 9:00 a.m. in the York Road Park on Saturday September 24, 2005, it was quite apparent that they were an enthusiastic group ready to do something great for their community. The students split into two groups, donned their safety vests and gloves and, with plastic bags in tow, they trekked out to their assigned clean up area.

One group of volunteers left the park, heading east on York Road, picking up litter on surrounding streets and parks. A stranded shopping cart proved to be useful as students filled it up with strange items like carpeting, a tire-less bike, metal wire, a car tire (stubborn and half-submerged in thick mud), and part of a chimney. In addition to these large items there were bags upon bags of collected litter such as take-out containers, glass bottles, and other waste.

The second group of volunteers worked around the Royal City Park, walked up and down Gordon and on surrounding streets. They too found a stranded shopping cart and loaded it with collected bags. The volunteers even took the time to place all the collected bottles and cans in a separate bag so they would be recycled instead of landfilled.

The two groups of students worked hard all morning and managed to fill the Solid Waste Resource pick-up truck with two loads of waste. All in all the students picked up over 410 kg of waste in less than two and a half hours.

That’s equivalent to 904 pounds of waste!

The Solid Waste Resources Division would like to say THANK YOU to all the students who volunteered on Saturday, September 24, 2005. The city is a cleaner and greener place because of you.

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