Disturbing Sexual Act Witnessed in Mackinnon Washroom

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Written by Darryl Bannon

I would like to relay a disturbing event that I witnessed on Feb 2nd, 2009, at approximately 830pm in the main basement men’s washroom in Mackinnon… I entered the washroom and proceeded to use a urinal. While I was doing my business an older male (40ish) entered the washroom and stood at a urinal (2 away from me) and began to masturbate himself. He made no effort to conceal this fact or to actually use the urinal. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable/disturbed I cut my urinal business short and finished it elsewhere.

As I discovered shortly afterwards the older male in question had been sitting in the nearby computer pool, perhaps waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come and use the washroom. I suggest that he was waiting because after making some inquiries among friends, this is apparently a common occurrence and certain washrooms on campus are well known for these voyageuristic opportunities. In fact, from time to time, times and venues for such public displays are apparently listed on craigslist (www.craigslist.com/).

I’m supportive of diversity and tolerance on campus, but only so far as it doesn’t infringe on my own right to feel at ease – particularly in a public washroom. I don’t think this is too much to ask. Has anyone else had this experience in Mackinnon or on campus? How have they dealt with it? I’m personally thinking that should this happen to me again I’ll simply turn off the lights on my way out – probably leading to a less than satisfactory (and likely messy) conclusion to the individual’s public display of self-pleasure.

Ps. I realize that I haven’t touched on the issue of whether the individual was a student, staff or simply a random in-from-the-street type. Increased security would most likely be the answer should they be from outside the campus community.

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