Economic Violence?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Written by Robert Johnston

For those who don't believe that University is facing a budget shortage, look at
the financial statments. Those that are holding you down are must provide audited financial statements yearly.

I wanted to respond to Matt Soltys' comment about how pathetic is is about
white middle class people "playing by the rules."

Congratulations, you are at the University of Guelph, a predominantly white, middle class school. You are playing the game just by being here. Don't try to pretend that you're not, I mean, you're here! Why are you at University? If you want to go achieve radical change, what must you do? Play the game by the rules, or be labbled as a nuisance and ignored by the population at large. To comment on white middle class people not caring about others is a tad interesting. Look at the videos from the protest, it's all white middle class people. That being said, Guelph is an extremely accepting school which is fantastic. I think that some people need to closely look at what they are protesting against however. Trying to protect jobs is admirable. However, the irony of complaining about what the police are doing (could that be their job?) is pretty striking.

Lastly, if you want to complain about the number of people making over 100,000 dollars at the University you might have a legitimate issue. I don't know what every single one does so I can't justify it nor will I attempt to. However, for people like the fantastic Allistair Sumerlee, what do you think people of his education, intellect and work ethic would make in industry? It would be far
above 100,000 easily. If you really want the best people, you have to pay them
for it.


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