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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

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Written by Robert Wilson (Contest Entry)


Everyone has heard the saying that nothing in life is for free. But then again there's that song in Empire Records "the best things in life are free...". So which one is it? I think the best things in life are free, just not at Guelph. I mean there is not nearly enough free stuff at the university of guelph. Yeah, i got a free pen during frosh week, and when i bought my textbooks i got a free hot chocolate and soup...But let's get serious, there's nothing us students like more than free stuff. Spending a couple hundred bucks for a free soup just doesnt cut it in my book.

Who knows, maybe there is a lot of free stuff that i just dont know about. Maybe thecannon could add a free stuff page somewhere between the classifieds and the ride board. I mean who wants to pay for stuff when you could get it for free?

I think the best place to get free stuff is on the internet. Like with this contest where you get a free t-shirt and 50$. The internet also has free music, and movies. Which I guess is not half bad, but who wants to watch a movie on a computer screen.

I don't even mind waiting in line if that's what it takes to get free stuff, i know that time is money, but in this case, free stuff is the trump card and wins out. Anyways to sum things up, free is good, and at guelph there's not a lot of free stuff, so does that mean that guelph isn't good?


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