"Garbage can what a concept"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Written by Drew Kadwell

Across from the boathouse on the other side of Gordon sits a small Island. On this island lives a Canada goose named stumpy. All of his/her flying feathers seem to have gone MIA for one reason or another. A beautiful woman and I were busy feeding this unfortunate some bread while munching on some Taco Bell. When from across the Speed River approaches a nice suit with a large bag full of bread? Less then ten feet from one of the abundantly provided garbage bins in Royal City Park. This nice man reaches into his sac and begins tossing Styrofoam cartons, plastic bags, garbage and food of some type directly into the Speed. What are you doing we shout? Soon yelling back and forth his overturned garbage bag has plastic floating on towards Edinburgh and a pile along the shoreline wall. Perhaps for some water foul or turtle to digest and get sick from? In shock the camera in my pocket did not remember to turn itself on nor were my feet fast enough to get a license plate from a black SUV. Maybe just maybe someone well read this and insures that stumpy makes it through the winter. Peace.
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