Guelph students took a break from studying to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


With another year comes another St. Patrick’s Day, a day to spend with friends, embrace the colour green, and have maybe a drink or two…or six or seven. As usual, Guelph students took this opportunity as a chance to unwind amidst as sea of midterms and papers.

Though campus was relatively calm, once you headed downtown a tide of green met you before you passed the Harvey’s. It seemed like everyone and their mother was at some bar or another, being merry and enjoying the sunshine that we’ve been lucky to have.

When 9pm hit, the lines started and the clubs filled to bursting with gyrating bodies burning up calories without remorse.

While we were enjoying ourselves here, a little more than an hour away our friends at Fanshawe College in London Ontario seemed to be having a little too much fun which resulted in ‘Project X’ becoming a sad and dangerous reality. Though we didn’t set police cars on fire, we still managed to have a good time and keep our city relatively undamaged.

Another holiday has come and gone and again shown that at Guelph we can have a good time. As hardworking students, I’m sure we deserved it.

Nana Opoku is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer at thecannon.ca

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