Halloween: A great excuse for a well-deserved break

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

  • How did you spend your halloween?

    How did you spend your halloween?

It was Halloween weeks ago and of course the colourful and scandalous attire littered Guelph faster than students to a midterm. Some people were amazingly creative, obviously spending time, money, and effort to show the Halloween spirit of Guelph students.

 If you looked around campus you could see Cookie Monster, The Hamburgler, and even Buzz Lightyear hanging around town. And, of course, we also had the others who always seem to make Halloween an excuse to show as much skin as possible. But we commend this group as well; despite cold and whipping wind they braved the cold Canadian weather and dressed to impress.

Some went to parties while others stumbled downtown, some even did a little bit of both while sober friends made sure all stayed festive. Despite the reputation some students make with drunken revelry and juvenile acts we still know how to have fun.

A holiday is a holiday and you can see, regardless of midterms and assignments, at Guelph we take time and give ourselves the mental break that we deserve to enjoy dressing up and having a beer.

Halloween is one of the many holidays that proved that even though a few may make a bad name for themselves, U of G is a place where we forget our troubles and have fun.

Whether you were drunk or sober, dressed up or not, Halloween is always a night to remember.

Nana Opoku is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer for thecannon.ca.

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