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Friday, August 31, 2007

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Perhaps this is trifling, but I am annoyed as well as a few friends on this matter. The issue is the new set up at the Pizza Pizza in Centre Six. Now, I will note immediately that there are positives. The new set up has slices of full pizzas being sold rather than individual pizzas. The two major pros of the new set up are that with the slices there is a better pizza to crust ratio. Some of the old individual ones would be almost half crust bubble and then the cheese and toppings pushed off to the other side. So in that the quality of the product is better. Now while quality is higher, it's cheaper. The personal pizzas used to be $4.12 cash with tax. The slices are $3.49, which is a significant drop in price. Which I of course like. But there are some down sides.

First is a personal thing. Maybe I'm weird but I like just plain cheese pizza, always have. With the new set up there are only 4 warming spots so there is only space for 4 pizzas. Now, they might get into making 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas in the future but right now it seems like the standard rotation is Canadian, Hawaiian, pepperoni and veggie. This is totally selfish but I want some damn cheese pizza.

That's my problem though. A bigger problem I see coming in the near future is that during the past few weeks, when significantly less people are on campus than will be in about a day, the staff has been having a hard time keeping the warmers full. Also, to jump back to the subject of topping choice... with full pizzas being made, you can't really get the staff to make you what you want the same as you used to. The individual pizzas, if I remember correctly, would take about eight minutes to cook. So if someone wanted a Canadian and there weren't any on the rack you could have one made and grab it in less than ten minutes. Not so much any more.

I like the idea of having slices rather than the individual pizzas. It's cheaper and better. There just needs to be more than 4 warmers so that they can give more choice and keep pace with customers. Who knows, maybe I'll be proven wrong and there will be plenty of pizza in plenty of choices once everyone is back.

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  1. Posted by: j on Sep 1, 2007 @ 2:46am

    They should really bring back the Cheddar Jalapeño dipping sauce too, I don't even care about popular demand, it was good and then they got rid of it! Screw Garlic.

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