International Student Tuition

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Written by Jason W.

I wish to express my oppinion about internation student tuition.

First you must keep in mind that many international students do not pay Canadian income tax and therefore are subjected to higher tuition. Much of our education is publicly funded so does it make sence that foreigners are free to use our publicly funded instututions at the same price as us? certainly not, if they are not financially contributing through taxes, the should pay more for tuition.

Second, if the proposed increases in tuition are more than what is costs to educate international students, and the univerisity is making a profit on international student enrolment, then tuition increases should not increase. This would be pure theft. But if Canadian universities are educating international students at a financial loss, this should also stop, because it too, would be pure theft, with reversed roles.

The univerity should charge international students exactly what it costs to educate them, no more or no less.

Thank you

Jason W.


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