Intramural Sports: A Great Opportunity on Campus that should be available to all

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

  • Courtesy. Dave Zirin is a sports writer and advocate for accessible sports and recreation.

    Courtesy. Dave Zirin is a sports writer and advocate for accessible sports and recreation.

Written by Peter Miller

I am a strong believer that sports need to be more accessible. It is expensive for us all to participate in competitive sport or recreational sport for fun. There is not equal opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity in Canada. 

Dave Zirin, a sports journalist who writes for The Nation Magazine, pursued his career in writing after working as a public school teacher in Washington DC.  When he taught, the Physical Education program was cut, and the results had a definite affect on him. Only students who had parents with the ability to pay were able to participate in sports. This left the rest of the students unable to partake in physical activity and all of the positive learning opportunities that result from it. The cuts to physical education inspired Zirin to write about the importance of accessible fitness and sport for all members of society.

At this university we are lucky enough to have a great intramural program. In a wide range of sports students can play with peers that are at their ability level. Playing intramural sports is also free if you are a student. All you have to do is make a team and pay a deposit. Teams get their deposits back at the end of the season if they are able to have enough players at each game. Fall intramural registration this year is from September 9 to 14.

Playing intramurals is a great chance to make your university experience more than about hitting the books. I have participated in intramural basketball during almost all of my semesters here at the University of Guelph. I have always appreciated the chance to break a sweat and forget about school for an hour. I strongly encourage students to participate in intramurals as well. No matter what your skill level or your interest, a sport is available for you to join at Guelph. If you are not able to make a team, you can join intramurals as a free agent, giving yourself have a great opportunity to meet new people at the university.

If you join, maybe you can also help build the movement for more accessible sports and fitness in Canada. We are able to play intramurals because we go to this university. Shouldn’t public and universal fitness and sport be available to all for our society to be healthier and happier? I think so. 

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