Making the university a more comfortable place

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Penny Li (Contest Entry)


Sure the people here at the university all try to make it a better place to eat, study and socialize. But there are still places where I think should be looked at for further improvement.

During my first year on campus, I have learned that the Maclaughlin library’s food and drink policy has changed to become less strict to accommodate those who study long hours in the library and inconvenient to travel to another building for food and drink. A William’s Coffee stand is even added to the library’s feature list. So why not extend that initial intension by adding an extra microwave to make hot food handy when needed?

Another suggestion might not be as realistic, but if accomplished the students will sure love the university even more. That is to connect all the buildings by an underground tunnel. It is true that we are situated in southern Ontario and not as cold as places up north, but it can get rough in the winter here too. An underground tunnel will not only make traveling on campus easier, it will also create more space to accommodate more of the university’s needs. If this works well, the university might even save the money on hiring snow removal crews to serve travel needs.


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