More than paint...Our Beloved Cannon

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Written by Kamini Mistry (Contest Entry)


Quiet laughter, blazing flashlights, brushes in hand and a lot of paint. For any of you who have honoured the tradition of painting the cannon, this isn’t new. However, for most of us that walk past this monument, it is nothing more than simply….a cannon.

A quick smile, when you see some of the things written on it. “Happy Birthday Shannon”, “Harbour 1 Rocks!”, or my favourite “Aggie Night at Doogies!”

But there’s more than meets the eye here. What about the hundreds, perhaps thousands of students who’ve painted messages of love, friendship, good times, and so much more? Or how about the residence wings that have ended a stressful exam with some liquid latex? Then there’s the brave few, who dare to paint the cannon on a cold night like this, and then tough it out till morning guarding the new masterpiece.

All this is found, layered between paint, and I daresay a wee bit of alcohol. The cannon painting tradition is, without doubt, a quintessential part of being a Guelph student.

And while Queen’s may have the grease pole, and Toronto their ridiculously big library, I would much rather paint a cannon then get covered in grease, or read a book.


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