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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Kelly Rauhe (Contest Entry)


So, the Cannon is having a contest.

Just the fact that money is being given away at a time of such need for those like me, is forcing me to grovel at the feet of the editor for a chance to win this $50. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal nonetheless: I can write anything I would like to, and you may or may not give me free money, and let's not forget the T-shirt as well.

I think that it is a great idea for The Cannon to offer this contest. In particular, I think the best attribute is that stating “ It could be news, sports, opinion....whatever! It just has to be original and written by you”. I plan on taking full advantage of this rule. There will be at least 200 words in this “opinion piece” that I am concocting for you all, and there can not be an argument against the origins of this work of art.

The initial purpose for me writing this was to discuss the rising prices of education. This has somehow gone off on a tangent; however, I find still meets the requirements, so why not? Just to let it be said, I think that there is no reason for post secondary education to cost so much, and be facing more increases in the future. The fact that I will be paying off my student loan until I am well into my adult life, does not encourage me to do well. What it does encourage is me to also get a job; therefore, either making my grades lower creating failure and possible probation, or forcing me to take less workload than is suggested (ex 4 courses per semester rather than 5). This is a vicious cycle, as with either of the outcomes, I will only be in school longer, which means more and more loans.

Well, I think this is where this ends. I apologize for how poorly this is written, but I think if you have actually read it, you will get some sort of understanding as to why it has been written in the first place.

Thank You


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