New Class Idea: "Independent Learning 101"

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Written by Heather Brady (Contest Entry)


With all of these exciting, and equally not so exciting new classes underway it got me to thinking the other day...What if I could design my own University course?

And from there I hit on this idea… “Independent Learning 101.” You take a class and divide everyone into groups of say, 4. These 4 people would then need to get to know each other, because between them they are going to agree on a subject that they want to learn more about. It could be anything! Chinese literature, new forms of energy, popular music whatever…

The students would be responsible for researching their subject and learning about it on their own. There would be no actual professor, or not at least the way we they are now. Someone would probably be needed for guidance, and in helping to keep things under control. The students could be tested on how comprehensively they learned the material.

Think about it, we would actually learn how to learn on our own! I’m not saying that we should get rid of the system we have now… but I think we should learn how to go out on our own and thoroughly investigate a topic so that our learning doesn’t have to be confined.


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