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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Recently it’s come to the attention of The Cannon that we need to be more responsible to our four-legged friends. With this in mind, we’ve officially taken down our “Pets and Accessories” page.

The problem is that too any puppies come from wither puppy mills or unconscionable breeders. While it is true that not all breeders are unethical and it is not our place to say otherwise, our classifieds section has always been about helping others, and since we cannot adequately police those who are adding to our site—regarding the buying and selling of pets—we’ve elected to not be a podium for any such (possible) activities.

Recently we’ve had a small number of breeders put their ads on our site. These ads were met with some complaints advocating they had not been reputable breeders. Rather than spend time trying to inadequately educate ourselves on the merits of ethical and unethical breeding practices, we’d sooner just not offer the service.

In doing so we at The Cannon hope to raise awareness of adoption and not the buying of animals. Adopting is a better practice as it gives unlucky animals a new chance at a good life, without new puppies adding to the problem and taking up homes of otherwise loving families.

I myself have two rescue dogs and they have been nothing but loving since the day I brought them home. Also, rescued or adopted dogs go through much more temperament training, and the problem with puppies from mills or otherwise, you don’t really know what kind of dog you’re getting. Although, a reputable breeder will always have the parents on premises to alleviate this.

For more information on adoption and rescues, please contact the Guelph Humane Society. Also, for re-homing dogs, cats, iguanas, etc., please do your homework and never, ever buy any animal.


--Chris Carr


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