No on Bill 14

Monday, September 18, 2006

Written by Kelly Kirkpatrick

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Guelph community, I am writing with regard to Bill 14 - The (so-called) Access to Justice Act.

Schedule C of this bill allows regulation of paralegals by the Law Society of Canada (lawyers). This bill will serve to exempt all non-advocacy paralegals, leaving the working poor without an opportunity to choose the level of legal services they require for simple paperwork matters.

There is an obvious conflict of interest allowing lawyers to regulate paralegals, as they are direct competitors for many legal services. Can you imagine if Toyota were allowed to regulate Ford? It’s unfathomable.

Paralegals provide an affordable alternative for simple legal services, which is desperately needed for many members of our community, such as single-parent families, students and the working poor.

Please visit www.bill14.com and contact our local MPP, Liz Sandals, to prevent the increased inaccessibility of legal services in Ontario that will be caused by Bill 14.

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