No One Goes to the Movies Anymore

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

  • Every Thursday evening award-winning docuramas are shown on campus to dwindling crowds

    Every Thursday evening award-winning docuramas are shown on campus to dwindling crowds

We have all at one time or another flocked to Galaxy Cinemas or the Bookshelf to see an amazing movie, but how many can you say have changed your outlook on life?

We are too entwined in the mainstream; Transformers, In Time, The Rum Diaries, these are films that draw our attention and, while there is no question of the value of their entertainment, not many people come out saying they took something from it.

There is one genre that is sadly overlooked, documentaries. The very word causes groans of boredom and tedium, but not many actually go out and give these award-winning films a chance.

On our very own campus the University of Guelph hosts Docurama on Thursday nights at 7pm. New and thought-provoking documentaries are shown, but despite the fact that entry is absolutely free interest in Docurama is waning.

Film festivals in Toronto show these films in packed theatres to individuals who have no problem paying for the service, yet here on campus we let this opportunity go to waste.

 On one chilly Thursday evening I had the pleasure of viewing two films, SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories and Mother: Caring for 7 Billion. Guelph is all about sustainability and the environment and these two films speak to this cause, but it was very curious to see the room nearly empty.

Docurama is a chance to learn and be entertained. Our interest in it should not die out. We should be spreading the word about its existence to our community so more can be informed.

Why waste something valuable when we don’t even have to pay for it? An hour on a Thursday is a small price to pay for something that can vastly change our ideals.

Take the time just once and go out to THRN 1200 and give these films a chance. For more information on the Docurama series, please visit: http://www.sundaycinema.ca/

Nana Opoku is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer for thecannon.ca.

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