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Monday, September 29, 2003

Over the past week, we have brought you our "Just answer me this one question" series. All five candidates are here in the order that they responded. The responses are varied in length and content, and were not edited in any way by thecannon.ca.

So here they are, folks. All in one place, easy to cross-reference and compare. Before you vote, take one last look at these answers. The question was very "simple"...

As a student, why should I vote for your party?

Liz Sandals - Liberal

Bruce Valcke - NDP

Alan McDonald - Family Coalition Party

Ben Polley - Green Party of Ontario

Brenda Elliott - PC Party

Check out our wildly flawed First Ever cannon.ca Unofficial Election Poll on the right-hand side of our homepage.

And hey, just for fun, check out the Election Prediction website.
They claim to have had an over 90% accuracy rate on the last federal election.
(Don't let this affect how you vote, though!)

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