Pope Benedict XVI, a "monstrous step backwards.."

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Written by Ashley Koster

Good morning,

I just read you article on the election of the new Pope and wanted to say that I thought it was a very good piece that addresses what I believe to be valid concerns. I'm not religious myself, but I understand the influence the Pope has on his followers and the resulting global impact his views can have. I personally was hoping for a more liberal Pope, and was expressing my concerns about the election of this Pope to my roommates yesterday, specifically regarding how his conservative views and anti-contraceptive attitudes will impact the AIDS epidemic (I don't think it can get worse, but it's sure not going to get better while he is Pope). A liberal Pope that recognizes the need to mould the church's views to the modern world (ie/ by recognizing the AIDS epidemic as a global concern and taking action to improve it by simply endorsing the use of contraceptives, and improving the global position of women by ordaining women as priests) would both change the image of the church as well as reduce the suffering of millions of people. Also, the election of a South American or African Pope probably would have made more sense, as a Pope from either the South Americas or Africa would best reflect the interests and concerns of the majority of Catholic followers. I guess my only consolation is that taking into the account of the new Pope, we should see another conclave in about 6 years (which makes me sound like a really horrible person, but I can't think of a retired Pope, and I strongly believe the election of this Pope is a monstrous step backwards for the church and Catholic faith).


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