Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat as a University Student

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Written by Clarissa Shepherd

There are few things that bring you comfort as a student: warm beds, hot beverages and hours of Netflix paired with take-out tend to top the heap. But maybe you want something more. A furry, cuddly feline to superheat the bed, spill the toasty beverages and annoy you into pausing Netflix because his nose is in your take-out. Or maybe just another sentient creature who won't ask you how many things you have due this week. Whatever the inspiration, here's a list of pros and cons to consider before you make that final leap into cat ownership.  

  • Pro: He is cuddly and loves you unconditionally (cat owner’s definition of unconditionally: because you feed them)
  • Con: There is hair everywhere and, when leaving the house, you will never feel confident that you didn’t miss a spot with the lint roller. Also, black is not your color (unless it’s your cat’s).
  • Pro: Your roommates love him unconditionally (roommate’s definition of unconditionally: because they don’t have to clean his poo)
  • Con: You, and only you, are the sole caretaker of the unholy box full of excrement and urine lovingly prepared for you each day by your dear cat friend. You will wonder every day how one tiny creature that only eats two cans of food a day could possibly produce so much nasty.
  • Pro: Dat face tho.

  • Con: Your couches will not survive, and those nail caps you spent $20 on? He picks them off with his teeth, like a fuzzy little escape artist. 
  • Pro: He does that cute cat thing where he claims you as his by rubbing his face/scent glands all over you as he walks by. The only time possessiveness is actually endearing.
  • Con: He will lie on your homework as though everywhere else is beneath him. For he is too important to allow you to pay attention to anything else, especially such trivial matters as school, AKA the reason you are in debt for $24,000.
  • Pro: His stupid face when he smells something he likes.
  • Con: He can, and will, eat through plastic to devour your favorite snacks, potentially killing himself in the process. He DGAF. He’s an anarchist.
  • Pro: He’s thoughtful, and caring. He wants to provide for you. That must be why he brings you things. Oven mitts. Kitchen towels. A stuffed lion named Cecil (RIP Cecil). Tea lights. Thumb tacks.
  • Con: He keeps stealing your roommate’s thumb tacks and hiding the oven mitts.
  • Pro: He lets you hold him like a baby.
  • Con: Every morning, he wakes you up by casually strolling into your room and yelling at the top of his lungs. And he’s figured out that you can reach him with the spray bottle everywhere but the top of your wardrobe, so that’s where he now sits, like a bird of prey, mocking you and your attempts to sleep in past noon.
  • Pro: He might care if you died.
  • Con: Two words: vet bills.
  • Pro: He is a source of comfort in an otherwise cold, indifferent world.  
  • Con: He’s going to die before you. 
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