Reaction to Marc LeMaguer's sentence

Thursday, April 28, 2005

  • LeMaguer (Mercury photo)

    LeMaguer (Mercury photo)

Written by Luci Krusky

Children and youth are our most vital natural resource except within our Guelph courtroom! We should all be ashamed of the judge presiding in this case as well as the defence lawyer. Marc LeMaguer has an excessive sexual interest in children which is proven by his collection of 2700 images of child pornography, including video’s of a 6 year old girl holding her teddy bear while being raped. This person should not even be on house arrest or have the ability to leave our Country, he should be in prison. Section 163.1 prohibits any production, distribution, sale of or POSSESSION of sexually explicit images or material involving a person depicted as under age 18. The maximum penalty indictable is 10 years and yet; Marc LeMaguer is cushioned to 15 months sentence in the community with allowances to work as a professor and lecturer in Spain, France and Mexico.

Perhaps the judge should have educated himself more on the rehabilitation of a pedophile before his sentencing because this sentence is most certainly not in the best interest of rehabilitating Marc LeMaguer nor is it in the best interest of the children. In order to rehabilitate a person with this level of deficiency there needs to be a treatment program in place 100% of the time, therapy that addresses a perpetrators own victimization, their cognitive behaviour, their thoughts and feeling that are leading them to offend and teach them techniques to modify their deviant sexual behaviours. And because most offenders do relapse, ongoing relapse prevention for the rest of his life.

As for Mr. Smith stating that Marc LeMaguer has already paid a steep price because he had to resign from his job, Get real!!!! What about the children who are being sexually assaulted and photos and video footages of their rapes being viewed for enjoyment by the offender Marc LeMaguer? Did those children within the 2700 items of child porn not pay a high enough price? Would you be so supportive if one of the photos’s showed a child you personally know? Don’t cry a river over the loss of this guy's job, cry for the children!

It is a sad world where people in positions of power such as Justice Cas Herold who could have chosen to send the message to Mark LeMaguer and all perpetrators that children are to be protected, respected and safe against being raped and molested and have their innocence pillaged from them; chose instead to send out the message that children are insignificant and you’ll only get a slap on the wrist for violating them.

I have chosen to educate children about all forms of abuse and the voice for them that is so much needed in our world. I chose to protect the innocent. I cry for all the children that I can’t reach and for all the children being re-victimized by people in positions of power. The people who can truly set precedence and choose to turn their backs and allow the screams of the children to be ignored. I cry for the children’s pain and torture. Sadly there is at least a handful of guelphites who have chosen to protect and stand by an admitted perpetrator of child sexual abuse through pornography. Guilt by association comes to my mind, and shame to the people who didn’t help the victims. I wonder if the sentence would have been tougher if all those children in the pornographic items testified about their pain. I’m sad to say that it seems like we need to have the drama of tears in person to verify the torture. I guess pictures and videos are just not enough for justice to be served.

Luci Krusky
R.S.S.W – Abuse Prevention Advocate

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