Reader wants civility - Dammit!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Written by Frank Marchetti

Dear Editor,

I just attended a Ward 1 all candidates’ debate, and one important issue that came up was civility and teamwork on council, which is currently sorely lacking. I concede that disagreements on issues are natural, as councilors through their background and life experiences will feel differently about them, sometimes passionately. But that is not the point - to me it should be about achieving the common goal, i.e., to serve the citizens of Guelph's best and long term interests. Judging by the incumbents vote on whether or note to postpone a meeting so 4 other councilors could fully attend a Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting, in which one of our very own councilors, Gloria Kovach was elected President, I would surmise that their vote to not postpone a non-urgent council meeting only added to the acrimony on Council. Further, if I am to judge Rocco Furfaro's performance at the debate, in where he bullied and intimidated the other candidates by belittling their inexperience, again I feel that what we currently have is not what I envision for decorum on our Council. I would rather vote for vision and respect than experience and insolence. Ward 1 deserves better.

Frank Marchetti

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