S.O.B.: Save Our Bikes

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Written by Chris Leverette

RE: Bicycle Theft

Most students do not know about this significant problem on campus.

If you park a good bike on campus worth around an estimated $400 and up, it will likely be stolen within a few hours!

Over the past 2006/2007 school term I am estimating that there have been over $20 000 worth of bicycles stolen from campus. Every stolen bike has been reported to the university police and yet they have not issued a significant bulletin or taken more action in preventing such crime. I have personally offered the use of my bicycle in a sting operation and the police did not take me up on this offer.

This theft keeps occurring because of misinformed students and lack of action by the University of Guelph police force.

I hope this letter prevents at least one more bicycle from being stolen.

Chris Leverette
Guelph Mountain Bike Club Member

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