See the top photos from the Guelph-Wellington "Summer in Swing" Photo Contest!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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  • Guelph-Wellington County "Summer in Swing" Photography Contest

    Guelph-Wellington County "Summer in Swing" Photography Contest

Written by Greg Beneteau

A big thank you to everyone who entered the Guelph-Wellington "Summer in Swing" Photo Contest. We received over 130 entries showcasing the best in arts and culture, nature, architecture, family and community from across this great region.

I'dalso like to take this opportunity to thank thecannon's co-owners, the CSA and the Guelph Campus Co-op, for their tireless support of this project. This is just the first in a number of exciting contests being offered through thecannon, so stay tuned to the site for the more chances to win!

It was a tough decision, but we managed to narrow down the field to four outstanding entries. In addition to the grand prize winner, we also chose three runners up (shown in no particular order) who will each receive a gift package from thecannon.ca, the Guelph Campus Co-op and the Central Student Association.


GRAND PRIZE...  Lyndsay Fraser of Guelph takes home two weekend passes to Hillside 2009 for this picture of three boys enjoying the water near Riverside Park at sunset. The judges agreed the photo, with its striking black and white contrasts, was a nostalgic example of summer memories that are created when enjoying Guelph and Wellington County's natural beauty.



RUNNER UP... Congratulations to Jeffrey Ryan Martineau for his rooftop view of downtown Guelph, which provides a new perspective on well-known architecture in the city.



RUNNER UP... Laura Scott photographed her kids eagerly running down a trail in Preservation Park, capturing the joy of youth in the great outdoors.



RUNNER UP... Talia Ricci found some volunteers to share a "smile" in downtown Guelph, reminding us that the most important attraction in any community is the friendliness of its people.



HONOURABLE MENTIONS: We received so many excellent pictures, the judges decided to highlight some of their favourites:


Guelph Artist Jackie Cooper photographs her dog in front of her artwork...



...while Tudor Costache records his pooch finding puppy love.



Drew Macdonald re-imagines the statue in St. George's Square as the "star child" from 2001: A Space Oddysey...



...while David Sills' picture of a heritage building in a construction zone reminds us ofpost-apocalypctic horror flick.



Jeffrey Ryan Martineau turns an ordinary street corner into a striking example of Guelph's architectural beauty...



... while Chrissie Wu finds beauty in her favourite cup of campus coffee.



In black and white, Csaba Nagy-Zambo explores the architecture of St. George's Church...

... Michelle Pheonix explores her reflection in a cracked mirror...



... and Paula Bell explores the allure of ice cream on a hot summer day.



A magnolia tree blooms in Holly Boreland's backyard...



...Holly Boves finds summer flowers thriving in harsh conditions...



... and Sami Kelsh finds poppies sprawled across someone`s front lawn.


Martina Schaefer thinks bicycling is a great summer treat...



... but Hillside is pretty popular too, as Gillian Manford demonstrates.



Talia Ricci mixes colour and grayscale in downtown Guelph...



... while Hairul Fahmi Awaludin presents a collage of scenes from around the area.


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  1. Posted by: Jessica on Jul 14, 2009 @ 6:35pm

    They're all really good photos! I'm impressed. Good work JRM and Wu ;)

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