So...what is it?

Friday, August 29, 2003

The truth is we don’t know.

Well, that’s a bit harsh. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we’re not sure what it is – yet.

The most exciting aspect of thecannon.ca is exactly what distinguishes us from our print media counterparts. We’re “fluid” - open to becoming what you want us to become.
This change may be gradual.
It may be immediate.
But it will most definitely be constant.
Because we will be relying on you for a majority of our content, you really have the wheel firmly in your hands. Buzzwords like “community” and “interactive” abound where websites are concerned. Here at thecannon.ca these words are not taken lightly. At our best we will be a conduit - a springboard. It will be a place to come for information, news, entertainment, and yes, sometimes even amusement.

To that end, your feedback is integral. Is there something that you think should be on the site? Let me know. My email address is . Almost every section has a “submissions” field so your involvement is immediate and painless. If, however, you want to volunteer and become a “staff” member here at thecannon.ca, contact Megan at .

thecannon.ca is yours.

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