Solution? Close the University.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Written by Christopher Leis

Dear Editor,

Regarding the September 9th article, U of G students need to contribute more, it is hard to read such....tripe without becoming annoyed by the blatant ignorance of certain people, or in this case, person. Here is what I read:

"Have a mandatory city clean-up tax or something to that effect imposed on every student who calls Guelph their home for the time they are living here. The locals who frequent downtown already contribute through their taxes; what do the students contribute? They are the ones who make these messes after all."

This is a blanket blame tactic, much like the blanket bombings in wars. Similarly, both often miss the target. The entire populous has access to the downtown core, making it impossible, and thus ignorant, to blame one specific group of people. Assure me that one non-student has never littered, or will ever litter, in the downtown core again. That's right, you can't.

Also, Mr. Todorowski believes that students live tax free. Wake up call: we all pay taxes; from the groceries students purchase, to gas, to even that alcohol they buy...gasp!..Downtown!

"Make it mandatory for every single university student to do 40 hours of cleaning up our downtown streets as community service."

So even the ones who don't drink downtown (bar beer is pricy), or the ones who don't consume alcohol, such as for religious reasons, should be forced to clean up after others. Does that not violate "involuntary servitude" forbidden by the Canadian Constitution? Or how about Section 7, life, liberty and security of person of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Last time I checked, Canada was not a Communist country.

Is someone looking for a quick and definite solution? Here it is: Close down the University. No more students, no more trash. That also means less patronage to food, clothing and entertainment venues, not to mention a major blow to the local taxes. If that is too harsh, then here is a comprimise: Invite the local community and university students to a meeting to discuss possible and reasonable (emphasis on reason) solutions.

Now isn't that last paragraph much nicer than Mr. Todorowski's searing and ignorant article?

Christopher Leis
Tax Payer

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