Terrorism or Stupidity?

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Written by Dave Toms

What the hell?!?
Why isn't common sense common any more?

A student posts a possibly threatening or "terror inspiring" comment. That's
dumb. His mistake. As Chief Matherly said, quoting the article and not the
Chief "it would be irresponsible for authorities to dismiss any violent
statement as campus hijinks."

I agree wholeheartedly... but... there's something the brilliant chief's left
out. It's called the truth. Don't dismiss the posting, but look into it.
After talking with this man's friends, acquaintances, fellow students and even
his mother, one crystal clear picture is rendered for all to see:
1) the message board is a laid back and 'inside joke filled' arena
2) this student could not commit any act of violence
Thus, 3) this student must have been joking and thus made no actual threat.

End of story. Ohhh, in this time of tight nerves and our culture of fear,
everyone's a possible terrorist, we need to investigate any possible threat -
no matter how remote.

No shit Sherlock. I mean, I may not totally agree, but I can't justify ignoring
possible threats. Just don't arrest a kindergarden student for pointing a toy
gun because - obviously - there's no threat. Don't say I agree, when I roll my
eyes, throw my hands up in the air in disgust and say "Yeah right, I'd love a
kick in the face."

Am I dreaming about how justice works? Or is our legal system truly a beurocracy
of behaviour control with no real grounding in justice, morality, or logic?


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