The curse of procrastination!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

  • Contest Winner, Kamini Mistry

    Contest Winner, Kamini Mistry

Written by Kamini Mistry (Contest Entry)



The one word that nobody can say, but everyone knows. The age-old habit of putting things off until the last minute, delaying, avoiding, call it what you will.

It is safe to assume, when you thin about it, that everyone one of us has procrastinated at some point. Whether it be writing a lab, doing an assignment, or even exam cramming, it sounds impossible to avoid.

However, let’s step back and examine this ancient art perfected by university students. Sadly, being a “leaver-to-the-last-minute-gal”, I have found three basic categories that most of us fit into….WARNING: if you are all three, please seek help!

1. “Better late then never”
This group, probably the most common, work on the simple principle “why do it now?” They are perfectly aware that something is due soon, but until it becomes dangerously close to that time, it is to be ignored, and not worried about. Alternate activities include sleeping, eaten, chilling in the lounge, or getting a nice butt sore playing Halo 2 for 7 hours a day. Sadly, this usually means either your grades or your social life goes down the toilet, and exam times become an all too scary version of the never-ending story.

2. “Stress Junkies”
I am one, and the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Unlike our first group, stress junkies don’t get that head start not because they’re lazy, or unproductive. Simply, they can’t work without stress. Finishing it now would be too easy. It is left to fester, to become a worry, than a panic attack, to the point of eye twitching and scary fits of rage. Then you get three double espressos form the daily grind, pull an all-nighter, and emerge looking like Michael Jackson. Bags under the eyes, you’re proud of doing four days of work in 11 hours, and then hibernate until next time…

3. “Slow as Joe”
The innocent victims of themselves, slow Joes are the ones who work ridiculously hard for 2 days on the contents page, only to realize that they have 4 hours to write the rest of the paper…ouch. Come exam time, you find yourself knowing everything about all the irrelevant parts of the course, and you studied the hardest! The funny thing is, most of these Joes don’t want to procrastinate, but it happens anyway. My condolences.

So know that we all realize how bad we really are at putting things off, all is not lost. I leave you with some simple advice. Something I wish someone told me:
Do it now
Do it right,
And don’t put up a fight!


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